Tulipwood Shipwreck Earrings SWER-5


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Ebony from the Schooner Dolphin which capsized off of Cuttyhunk, MA in December 1854 at top and bottom. Rare Brazilian Tulipwood Paua which is a true rosewood; in this case by way of a shipping pallet where the sawmill who cuts and ships this precious lumber throws planks into the pallet that are mostly sapwood which is yellow. Sometimes there is a strip of the heartwood left in the middle of the plank, so this was grabbed from the scrap pile! Abalone, Mother-of-pearl, piano string copper, brass, nickel. Sterling Silver (USA) ear wire, finish from cow’s milk. Brass diamond is from a blackberry phone manufacturer’s surplus. The card backing lists materials used and explains some of the story. This is a handmade object.

Price includes postage. The earring body, including the guitar string brass spool is 1- 13/16” long