North Woods – Abdicated Throne Earrings (er-nw-919



Totally recycled except for the small brass yellow dots and findings.   The North Woods line comes from bushwhacking through the woods and finding dead-downed fir trees from which I’ve harvested the branches where they enter the tree; in other words, concentrated, resinous growth rings!  This luminous wood is paired here with a rich, aged piece of pine from an 1865 outhouse, thus… “abdicated throne.”  The wood on the back of these earrings is chestnut from a Vermont barn.  Silver stripe is from an aluminum screen door frame, copper from piano strings, brass diamond from electronics manufacturing, brass ring from end of guitar string, cow’s milk finish.  US made sterling silver wires.

Handmade jewelry with provenance: The card backing lists materials used and explains some of the story. Postage included in price.