Cosmic Sea Shipwreck Pendant CSP-521


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1854 Shipwreck Ebony from Cuttyhunk Island, MA face, copper from piano string windings, Honduras Rosewood top and bottom from a German violin maker’s scraps, Purpleheart on the back by way of Martha’s Vineyard wooden shipbuilders scraps, mother of pearl, and abalone to create a striking predominantly black pendant. Cow’s milk finish. Cable is “Beadalon”, 49 strands of tiny wire, very light, limp and elegant, 18” long with black faceted bead both sides of the brass tube that runs side-to-side through the pendant body. This photo has not altered color wise in any way. This is very beautiful matching abalone from Australia.

Handmade jewelry with provenance: The card backing lists materials used and explains some of the story. Postage included in price.