LEGACY – T Breeze Verdant with Eugene Friesen, Cello
“When it comes to being lovely, sometimes we’re the last to know.”

PTSD from war, as well as any everyday trauma can lead us to feelings of shame and quite often to substance abuse, alcoholism and unhealthy relationships with ourselves and others. We look inside ourselves and what we see is a message that we are fundamentally “wrong”, no matter what goodness we have brought to the world and others. It often requires the help of a caring outsider to help us travel back through the parts of ourselves we can no longer face or more likely, never could face alone. Then we can remember our innocence. This video is about persevering and getting help in whatever form works for you. it took 3 painful months to write this song and years of not being able to perform it.

There is a long list of people who contributed to the gofundme campaign that I launched when finally, the decision to make this just launched itself. Some folks said that it was OK to use their names, others to remain anonymous, so I am not going to list anyone. You know who you are, thanks for believing in me, it gave me wings.

Special thanks to Silas Ray-Burns, Annie Landenberger, Rob Ekstrom, Jack Fredricks, Johanna Gardiner, Linnea Janes and Bahman Mahdavi for their acting parts.

Thanks to Angus Austin & Annie for their incessant focus, contributions and ability to listen and keep the creative conversation going.