April 15-20th, 2018 John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC.
“Floral Marquetry Boxes”. This is actually a concentrated primer of learning to draw/design/compose for marquetry, learn to use the tools, principally the scroll saw, to build an image from veneers, then shift to building a complementary free form box that is actually quite simple to build, yet an elegantly attractive heirloom, to take home. Check out the school, a great place to visit in the spring with a warm friendly learning environment. I have taught there for 20 years.

I love teaching and sharing what I know about marquetry (I get to talk a lot about my favorite passions)! In a workshop format my intention is to facilitate the students own path of creativity, engender confidence through experiential learning of the basics, then teach and demonstrate what is possible. I want a student to leave my classes with their imagination brimming with ideas and the knowledge that they can achieve those ideas.

I have practiced marquetry full time for 15 years and have taught the art for over 6 years. My students have told me repeatedly that I am able to impart my knowledge of marquetry in an enjoyable and effective manner. Students have also shared that they have a lot of fun in the process of learning with me as well.

As I am not ready to start a school (!), I am happy to come to where people want to learn.

Please contact me at or 802 258-9820 and we will see what we can arrange.